Testimonial of: Kevin Engert

Kevin Engert: Posted January 9, 2007
Kevin Engert: Posted January 9, 2007

"I can't tell you how much time, frustration and money this thing can save you...
After a hub failure returning from the Keys, I was stranded. Broken down in the median on the Turnpike and at the mercy of wreckers down in Miami I agreed to pay $80 plus $3.50/mile to get the boat and trailer off the road and have it towed to the wrecker yard. Not that bad I guess...I was glad to be back on the road. Little did I know! Add $20/day for storage plus $40+ for "administration fees", another $80 for getting it out and $75 to send them a notarized authorization letter and I was out nearly $400. And I still had to get it home! That is $400 for a 13 mile tow and storage for 3 days.

The moral of the story is all my time, frustration and money could have been spared if I had only known about the E-axle. Thanks to E-axle I got my boat home safely nearly 250 miles down the highway and out of the grasp of the thieves at the wrecker yard, saving me hundreds...could have saved me more if only I had known."

-Kevin Engert