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Air-Tight LLC was founded in 2003, originally providing wheel bearing protection systems that were installed on recreational boat trailers. We later expanded our focus on additional applications and markets for bearing cavity protection technology. Our bearing cavity pressurization systems work by hermetically sealing the bearing cavity, pressurizing the cavity with low air or nitrogen, controlling and monitoring the bearing cavity 24/7 with the end results of eliminating ingress contamination period. “Protection by the Laws of Physics”.

Our Pressurization Systems are designed for the OEMs for use in a variety of emerging industrial and commercial markets where the primary requirements are to provide a system to protect bearing cavities from their operating environments. These products are useful in a wide variety of applications, such as recreational boating, the US Military, Federal, State and local government departments and the industrial machinery markets.

Our Systems are focused primarily on markets where equipment is operating in a very high contaminate environment. We provide protection for environments that operate underwater, desert, mining, and high temperature change to name a few. We design, manufacture, and market to meet the specific requirement of each individual application. Air-Tight provides applications for the US Coast Guard, US Customs and Border Protection, US Navy, US SOCOM, Secret Service, DEP, and Fish and Wildlife.