Protects the Grease and Lets the Grease Do Its Job

1. Superior Seal Technology

In over two years of testing, we have experienced over 100,000 miles of seal performance in all types of conditions. Our success has been due to the combination of our bushing surface finish and seal material and design. The standard double lip seal that is used throughout the industry has a one to two year shelf life and is not resistant to weathering. If you look at other bushing surfaces, you can see that the surface finish has alot of imperfections, which can prematurely wear down the seal lips. These imperfections on a bushing surface can also allow contaminants to enter the bearing compartment. Air-Tight Super Seals are made out of a material that is ozone, chemical, and weather resistant with a 10-year shelf life. The seal lips are designed to run with a minimal amount of friction because the inner lip lubricates itself with every rotation. Other seals are designed to work only one way- to hold the grease in. The lack of self-lubrication causes earlier seal breakdown.

2. Quick Look Gauge

When trailering your boat without Air-Tight Bearing Protectors, you always have to ask yourself, "Did water get into my hub?" You don't have to ask yourself that question if you have Air-Tight, because you know that your hubs are protected by looking at your pressure cap gauge before you submerge your trailer- no more guessing or worrying! Your gauge can also tell you of impending bearing failure by its high pressure indicator. If you're running hot, your pressure gauge will tell you.

3. A Clean System

Our clean system eliminates the safety issues associated with grease on brakes and water pollution caused by grease on trailer wheels and hubs. Because Air-Tight is totally sealed, no grease will leak all over your wheels, brakes, trailer, and boat. Air-Tight is 100% environmentally friendly. With other systems, it is common to find grease all over the trailers, which means that grease is backed into our oceans, lakes, and rivers.

4. Add Grease Easily

If your axles are E-Z lube axles, and if you're a high mileage user, you have the option of changing your grease out without disassembling your entire hub. Just release the air in the Air-Tight cap, put a Zerk fitting in the end of the grease gun hose, put the fitting in the hole on the end of the spindle, and pump out the old grease (like an oil change) with new grease. Screw on the Air-Tight gauge cap, add 10 P.S.I. and now you're Air-Tight again. The only time any user will have to change out his seal is when he no longer can hold air pressure statically.

5. Replace bearings and races less frequently

The Air-Tight system is designed to keep you on the road, trouble free and worry free, and will pay for itself year after year in labor and parts, not to mention the peace of mind value of knowing what is happening in your hubs at all times. If your axles are not E-Z lube axles and are a high milage user, Air-Tight recommends repacking your bearings every two years. Using Air-Tight, bearings and races will not have to be replaced due to water and contamination. So the next time you are replacing or repacking your hubs, take these facts into consideration and put on the only system that will protect your investment 100% of the time

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Bearing Buddy Sure Lube Turbo Lube Post-Lube AirTight
Easy to Install YES YES YES YES YES
Seal Integrity Monitor NO NO NO NO YES
100% Pressure Sealed System NO NO NO NO YES
Grease-Free Brakes/Rims NO NO NO NO YES
Enviromentally Friendly NO NO NO NO YES
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