Air-Tight FAQs

Q: Why do I need a bearing protection device on my trailer wheel hub?

A: Your well-greased bearings keep your wheel turning freely and with little friction, so they're pretty important to the safe operation of your vehicle or trailer. The bearing compartment is prone to contamination however by water and other elements that can cause the grease to dry up and friction wear to increase. Friction increase and resulting bearing wear will result in bearing failure. Bearing protectors are supposed to keep the grease on the bearings where it belongs and contaminants out of the compartment.

Q: What happens if my bearings fail while I'm driving?

A: Your wheel will fall off the axle and you will incur expensive towing and repair bills. Not to mention headaches!

Q: What's so important about keeping pressure in the bearing compartment?

A: Positive pressure in the bearing compartment keeps the water off of your bearings when you back your trailer into the water. Bearings that get water or corrosive elements in their compartment will fail.

Q: Where do most bearing protectors fail?

A: At the seal. Either corrosion of the underlying metal or inadequate internal pressure will cause the seal to fail which allows contaminants into the bearing compartment and grease to spray out of the bearing area.

Q: What makes the Air-Tight Super Seal™ System better than the competitor seals?

A: The Super Seal™ System is a specially molded material that is paired with our custom bushing -which is made out of a non-corrosive metal- to give a positive seal without the pitting customarily seen on other devices. Because other device seals sit right on the axle, which pits over time due to corrosion, small areas of weakness exist in the seal edge. This allows contaminants to pass through and pressure to leak out. Air-Tight's bushing adheres to the axle and the Super Seal sits on the non-corrosive bushing. Because the bushing won't corrode or pit, the unit keeps a nice, air-tight seal.

Q: What's so special about the Air-Tight Quick-Look gauge?

A: The Air-Tight pressure gauge allows you to see at-a-glance whether you have both a positive seal and bearings in good working order. Current devices have no "look" feature you can check.

Q: What's the difference between spring pressure and air pressure?

A: Air pressure with a gauge is more reliable. Spring pressure is fine when it works, but with the current technology, you can't see whether your spring is working or not. Also, the air fill valve on the Air-Tight device allows a user to quickly add pressure to the bearing compartment if needed. There is no way to do this with a spring device.

Q: Why would I buy the Air-Tight Bearing Protector instead of another, cheaper device?

A: Because Air-Tight is more reliable, lasts longer, and offers better features than any of its competitors. It's not only user friendly, but environmentally friendly too. Most avid outdoorsmen and women care about their water and roadways. Seeing all the grease that sprays out and leaches into the waterways using competitor devices can be frustrating. People feel good using our device because they know it's better for their investment and better for their environment.