Testimonial of: Capt. Pete Silot from Saltwater Junkie

Capt. Pete Silot from Saltwater Junkie: Posted: May 4, 2004
Capt. Pete Silot from Saltwater Junkie: Posted: May 4, 2004

Hi Henry,

Your invention is the best thing to happen to boat trailers since the aluminum boat trailer! The airtight hubs bearing protector has revolutionized boat trailers once again.

There was a time not long ago that I would grease my bearings monthly. In effort to give myself some sort of assurance that I would not be one of those boats you see along the side of the road only to drive half a block and have grease splattered on the sides of my Egret flats boat. In fact, I still carry a spare hub with new bearings, grease, tools, rags and hand cleaner. I'm sure some day, they'll come in handy when I rescue one of my buddies from along side the road.

My daily round trip drive to fish my clients in Flamingo at Everglades National Park is right at 203 miles. That's nothing compared to the number of mile my anglers travel from all parts of the world to come fish with me. They say it's my reputation and canny ability to find them fish even on those particularly tough days. It doesn't matter if I'm fishing in Biscayne Bay for Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit or deep in the Flamingo backcountry for Snook and Redfish, or even Cobia and Goliath Groupers on a wreck 10 miles out in the gulf. In this business, when you tell someone that only has that day to fish that you'll see them in the morning, you've given them your word!

I drive over 100 miles one way, back the trailer into the water and go fishing. I have that peace of mind day after day. You've got a great product, I give you my word!

Sincerely, Capt. Pete Silot
(954) 252-1506