Testimonial of: Capt. George Mitchell

Capt. George MitchellPosted December 15, 2011
Capt. George MitchellPosted December 15, 2011

Hey Henry,

Thanks again for your support! Since getting my new triple axle Ameratrail back in June I've put over 19k miles on it, all without a "hitch". From my home in Jupiter I've traveled to Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and a lot of trips throughout Florida. These are some tough miles, often times at temperatures over 100 degrees and few stops. We even drove non stop to Seabrooke, Texas to make a show!

I've launched and retrieved my 36' Yellowfin allot, sometimes with a freshwater rinse, mostly without. Never once have my Airtight's lost pressure. It sure is nice to be able to glance at the hub and see that all is fine inside. The Deemaxx brakes have been another bonus for me, not only do they perform as you said they would, but after all these miles and freshwater neglect they still look new.

Thanks again Henry

Capt. George Mitchell
11854 150 Court North
Jupiter, Fl. 33478