Testimonial of: Capt. Alan Sherman

Capt. Alan Sherman Posted July 10, 2008

Put your self in this picture. Driving home from a full day of fishing! Had a great day and can’t wait to put the boat in the drive way, clean her up and take a long hot shower, eat some dinner, spend sometime with the family and call it a day but on that long stretch of road that has no phone reception and you hardly see any one on the road you feel that thump thump thump that can only mean a blow out. You pull over on the shoulder and get out and examine the damage to your trailer tire. It’s seen its last day and now you must do the dirty deed of getting on your knees and removing the lug nuts so you can pull that tire off and put the spare on. You put the tire wrench on the first lug and give it a good twist put nothing happens. You try again with the same results. What are you going to do? The sun is going to set soon and you are wishing that you would have left the water earlier but the fish were biting and now you’re paying the price. If only you had Air Tight Stud Protectors! That same scenario has happened to me a few times in the past but the last time it happened I had Air Tight Stud Protectors on my trailer and the lug nuts came off without a hitch. Its bad enough getting a flat but it’s a night mare when the lugs won’t cooperate.

Capt. Alan Sherman

Owner and Operator of “Get Em” Sportfishing Inc.