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Full Kit - Universal Commercial 7000 - 8000 LB

The Universal Kit will eliminate the need to measure your spindle. Air-Tight's Universal Kit comes with (3) different inner dimension size shims. One or none of the shims may be used in putting on the stainless steel bushing.
Note: The universal kit for the 5 lug/ 3500lb has 3 shims. The universal kit for the 6 lug/ 5200 - 6000 and the 8 lug 7000 - 8000 lb has 1 shim.

Full Kit Components
  • Universal adaptor ring, hard-coat anodized
  • Bushing, stainless steel
  • Super SealTM
  • Air pressure gauge unit cap, hard-coat anodized
  • Fill valve, bronze with nickel plating
  • Bonding agent
  • Shims
Seal Specifications
  • ID 2 1/2
  • Double-lip
  • Specially molded composition
Gauge pressure recommendations
  • 5-10 p.s.i.
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